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Raul Gutierrez of Tinybop Extended Interview

On Lead by Change New York One, Jeff meets up with Raul Gutierrez CEO and Founder of Tinybop. They take a tour of the offices then head over to Red Lantern Bicycles. When they sit down they discuss Raul's founding story, making games for kids [...]

Amy O’Leary of Upworthy Extended Interview

In Lead by Change New York One, Jeff visits with Amy O'Leary Editorial Director of Upworthy and talks about the art of the story. Share this InterviewThe Interview: Jeff Martin: I’m on my way to meet with Amy O’Leary of Upworthy. We’re meeting at the [...]


Welcome to Driving Change where we go for a drive with leading technology executives and dig deep into their beliefs, habits, routines, and influences. Today we take a ride with Loren Brown CIO of Capella Education Company and discuss a variety of topics from the […]